Wedding Dress Pictures

Wedding Dress Pictures

Plump Bride went to shoot wedding dresses  photo may be a little worried about their body. In fact, we do not have such a child. I am also a fat bride before the wedding photographs has been very concerned to see other MM are so slim that he took out did not know what will happen. After the shooting I already have some experience and some little experience of shooting.

Wedding photographs in the choice of dress, the fat MM try not to wear clothes cultivation. Wedding groups generally hold, and dress are some very close. I was nice to feel that dress, but my make-up assistant told me, she is a little plump MM is easy to wear clothes cultivation of weakness. Cheongsam’s body is very good quote and it is easy to highlight the belly bulge. Selection with large pannier skirt or even dress makes you look very different. I was selected to give a big dress with group support, the effect is indeed very different, seem particularly thin waist and my hips wider, with the support of panniers can not be seen to point out.  
We understand their body, but we generally did not cross wedding dresses . Respect the views of professionals is necessary, after all, every day they face a lot of guests, at this point they will be more than we know what kind of dress for your figure. Good dress and makeup assistant teachers will be selected according to the temperament of the bride dress. So everyone in the wedding photographs in the process of asking questions to the scene, do not hesitate, good communication will make you wedding photographs in the multiplier.
 Review process finally: the night before the wedding, the wedding tomorrow, then the process should be careful to time, think about nothing missing. Familiar with the whole process of getting married tomorrow, to avoid excessive tension or wedding is too catch the wrong procedure.
You should pay attention to diet before marriage: marriage should eat light the day before the point of food, avoid greasy or fried foods were eaten, should eat a simple nutritious breakfast meals, such as: sandwiches, eggs, milk, etc., to avoid tea, coffee or drink so can not sleep at night, dinner has to eat breakfast, so before going to bed bloating, difficult to sleep. Also, avoid drinking too much after ten o’clock in the water, so as not to get up early tomorrow, when the edema, the United States will not take pictures.


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