Wear Eye Glasses

Wear Eye Glasses

Well if you think that by wearing eye glasses you will not look smart then it is your false perception. You can remain stylish and cool while wearing eye glasses if you know what type of eye glasses to wear and making a careful selection of the product matching your personality. Eyes are a very sensitive organ that’s why it needs special care; therefore, many companies are making fine quality and stylish eye glasses. These glasses give you decent look and you look smart as well.

Now if you have found out that your eyesight is weak and you have to wear eye glasses then choose the frame very smartly according to your face cut. People with an oval shaped face can wear almost any type of eye glasses frames, so consider yourself lucky if you have an oval face. People who have round faces should look for more angular frames with straight lines. People with square faces should go for slightly rounded frames that have more width than height to balance the squareness of your face. People with triangular shaped faces require a light touch so heavy frames should be avoided.


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